March 25, 2011

To #FF or Not to #FF

I enjoy reading the daily, weekly and even minute by minute wide range of similar, slightly different, varied, spiritual, competitive, biased, radical, liberal, conservative, diametrically opposite and the down right off the wall whacked out thoughts, ideas and opinions of as many people as possible. The best way I can think of to gather such information, short of nation/worldwide drunken bar hopping, is via the social media world of Twitter.

As one who has been a “tweep” for about a year and half, I’ve developed the habit of recognizing/thanking those folks who’ve been nice enough to let me into a small part of their own worlds by using Twitter tradition known as Follow Friday. The use of the #(hashtag) in front of FF is used to indicate to those who “follow” you on twitter that you would kindly like to recommend they follow those others whom you’ve deemed friendly, smart, funny, outrageous, inspirational, connected or otherwise interesting and just plain worth hearing from.

I weekly go through my lists of followers and following tweeters and try to remove those who’ve been inactive or just not worth following any longer and add those whose tweets I’ve recently begun paying attention to and feel others would also enjoy.

This is a somewhat time consuming process as I also try to include some pertinent comment, quip, picture, video or other tidbit that I can include within the 140 character Twitter parameters.

In my opinion it’s really just a small token of my appreciation to the friends and acquaintances I’ve met through the Twitter portal.

Quite simply I have no real vested or deeply rooted interest in using this media or these people as a means for personal gain. I do freely admit that it is important to me to extol the importance of stroke awareness and the hope I have that the spreading of my story will help just one person recognize, survive or prevent this and other horrible life changing events.

I also like to offer my opinions and thought on numerous sports, especially our New York Mets and even my local St. Louis Cardinal.

The basis for this rant were these tweets and retweets I received in the midst of my #FollowFriday disseminations that decried my actions…

kmflemming Kieran Flemming

@CoreyNYC You follow a guy named @ajgmets? He's bombing the shit outta my feed right now

CoreyNYC Corey K

I unfollowed RT @kmflemming: @CoreyNYC You follow a guy named @ajgmets? He's bombing the shit outta my feed right now

Apparently I pissed off these 2 enough so that they unfollowed me.

As I said I have no agenda and truly enjoy the interaction and receipt of information from the “Tweople” that I #FridayFollow and have no intention of ending my little weekly tribute of appreciation…better known as #FF

Maybe I’m missing it and don’t get it, but...Why Can’t we all GET ALONG?


& of course LET’S GO METS!!!!!


  1. I refuse to #FF it's just not for me, I have never participated nor will I

  2. Too bad, I think it helps to expand your own and others scope of thought..


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