March 27, 2011

Negativity, Loyalty,Apologies, Prayer & METS

In response to Saturday’s “Open Letter to Mets Fans” from my pal Ed Marcus over at The Real Dirty Mets Blog in which Ed basically told Mets fans who are negative, don’t trust the organization, its management, don’t think the team will do well this season and “But if you don’t like being a underdog – root for the Yanks or the Phils” I also include my reaction to Ed’s “apology” post from today.

Negative – Realistic – Trustworthy
Three simple words used to describe Mets fans and the organization to which they pledge their undying support.
I as one who considers himself a “True” Mets fan, no not one that goes to 50 or 60 games per year or who watches every pitch of every inning, but one who in one way or another, whether it be on radio or the “interwebs”, follows this club as closely as any fan without access to the locker room, clubhouse or press credentials and have like most fans experienced the torturous performances of recent Mets seasons.

From the highs of 1969 through the success of the early seventies into the doldrums that saw mainly utter failures from 1975 until the resurgence of the mid and late 1980’s along the highs and lows that were the Mets through the bulk of the nineties, until a return to decency and relevance as the new millennium brought our team back to the World Series stage and has seen it compete admirably for much of the last decade with numerous missed chances for a return to the feeling of euphoria that engulfs all fans when their team wins, I’ve personally, admittedly been negative, realistic and have at times questioned (more often than not wisely) the honesty, integrity and overall Trustworthiness of the organization and its management.

Through all the deceit, lies, losing and Winning, I have remained staunchly loyal to the players that perform to the best of their abilities and the uniform they wear which represents MY TEAM, THE NEWYORK METS!!

I will never accept ANYONE questioning my loyalty by “telling” me to “root for some other team” or quit voicing my opinion…NEVER…

Honestly the exquisite pain of rooting for this team through its failures and continuing to support this “family” should not be subject to anyone’s comments, suggestions or incendiary remarks, just as the exhilaration and celebration of the teams’ successes should never be reined in or tethered in any manner.

Your comments regarding how we should enjoy “rooting for the underdog” while I’m sure were well intentioned, should be recanted.

Rooting for the NEW YORK METS is not “Rooting for the Underdog” and shouldn’t be looked upon as such, it should be revelled in and seen as rooting for our TEAM come thick or thin, win or lose. Questioning the moves and integrity of the front office has little to do with being a LOYAL MET fan. It is all part of the fabric of being a true, dyed in the wool supporter of this franchise whose epic highs and lows I have witnessed, suffered through, exulted in and supported…ALWAYS.

Calling into question my comments, reactions, realistic attitude and feelings is your prerogative but…
NEVER, EVER Question my LOYALTY to the team I’ve “loved” for over 45 years…The NEW YORK METS Professional Baseball Club….NEVER

Response to Ed’s “Apology”

Apologies and Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one, including the Mets and their fans (present company NOT excluded). Your “attack” with all its intended humor and hyperbole was actually quite funny and obviously therapeutic for me as evidenced by my chest clearing diatribe.

Having read your “sincere apology” of today, I must offer this defense for you my friend. Not to be too self aggrandizing, but my recent video comparison with the 1969 Mets and the current version and the projected failures of both, points to my and hopefully many other Mets’ fans’ cautious yet emphatic optimistic hopes for a revisit to the “Miracle Drive” that those of us of a certain age were fortunate enough to experience once and yearn for yet again.

As far as your hyperbolic commentary regarding your view of the negativity surrounding the club, it was nothing many of haven’t thought or even thought. Your post as inciting as it seemed to me and possibly others, seemed to be somewhat of an attack on our loyalty and made you seem as a “holier than thou” spokesman for all of “Mets Nation”.

We get enough “shepherding” from the mainstream media and many of these so called “bloggers” who have somehow been provided access to the inner sanctums of the club under the guise of promoting the team while it’s overtly obvious that a good number of these folks are serving only to feed their already too large personal egos or suck up to spew and further the team management’s corporate agenda and line of “Don’t Worry, We Know What We’re Doing” stability.

The depth of the Mets’ fan base is enough to qualify it to question the motives and operation of the team. While we all understand that professional sports ownership is and should be the primary controller of the organization, the support that has been evidenced over the years does provide for some level of fan entitlement.

Keep projecting your “Voice of the Common Fan” manner of posting Ed, it sure has led to some interesting if not well thought out commentary from, at least me, as well as the other regular responders here at TRDMB

Now as we sit here 5 days from the start of our Season of Hope 2011, the Mets will finalize the roster and head south on Thursday to face the Marlins in Miami and our daily devotions will begin anew. No religious intonation or offense intended, but if you feel the desire or need to pray for the Mets during this blessed BASEBALL (and Lenten Season leading to Easter) do not hesitate, we’ll probably need all the divine intervention we can get. Not being negative.

Now as Always LET’S GO METS!!

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