March 24, 2011

8 Days ...A Week?

As we read, hear and watch the Mets and their media “mafia” report on Carlos Beltran's "activity progress", there are now just 8 "Desi Relford" days remaining until we see if Beltran can throw out someone other than Jay Horowitz and hit off a pitcher with a bit more talent than Terry Collins.

Since we receive more information than can possibly be categorized and digested, I take the liberty of "sorting out" what I perceive to be the pertinent facts regarding some aspects of the current "State of the Mets"

First, it seems quite obvious, contrary to numerous bloggers/reporters/spies/informed sources and other such information disseminating devices (yes devices, as most of these "sources" are indeed "tools") that Brad Emaus will be the Mets starting second baseman. General Manager Sandy Alderson (hereafter known as “Saldy”) offered this tidbit yesterday when asked about the second base competition after the release of Luis Castillo and the demotion of Justin Turner,

"This gets us down to Brad and a couple of others who could conceivably play the position who are still in major league camp. Our direction is becoming a little bit clearer."

As for Carlos Beltran, quite simply the fact that he’s been quoted as saying that he’s “100%” scares me. We’ve heard this before only to see the publicly acknowledged self effacing right fielder experience setbacks. The fact that information about Beltran participating in a “fake” simulated game while batting against his manager and playing the outfield with coach Mookie Wilson hitting balls to him with somebody’s kid acting as the cutoff man whilst Mets PR man Jay Horowitz (a 50 – 60 something year old man) was running the bases is ridiculous in and of itself. Beltran has not played in a full baseball game in over 2 weeks, so the spin that he’ll be ready to go on opening day since he was able to stop running comfortably and said he was running the fastest he’ll ever run again is again a sign, to me, that the club/media is putting out some disingenuous information. I’ll be stunned if Beltran is not on the disabled list or at least noted as –day to day on the Mets injury report come next Friday, or about a week or 8 days from now.

That being said, I give my completely and unabashedly opinionated thoughts on the Mets Opening Day roster.

The Catchers will be Josh Thole and Mike Nickeas (who’ll be replaced by Ronnie Paulino after his banned substance suspension is over...Why isn’t anyone bitching about the fact that the Mets signed a known policy offender...Hmm) 2 of 25 roster spots

The Infield will consist of 1B Ike Davis, 2B Brad Emaus SS Jose Reyes and 3B David Wright.

Back up infielders will be Daniel Murphy and Chin Lung Hu. 6 roster spots = 8 of 25

Outfielders will be LF Jason Bay, CF Angel Pagan and RF Lucas Duda (Beltran on DL)

Backup outfielder will be Scott Hairston 4 roster spots = 12 of 25

Bench Utility players will be Willie Harris and Nick Evans 2 roster spots = 14 of 25

Starting pitching staff of Mike Pelfrey, Jon Niese, RA Dickey, Chris Young and Chris Capuano making up 5 roster spots totaling 19 of 25.

That leaves 6 bullpen spots which I think will be filled by Francisco Rodriguez (closer), Bobby Parnell (8th inning set up), Taylor Buchholz, DJ Carrasco, Pat Misch and Tim Byrdak.

While I’d not be surprised if the club chose to keep non roster invitee Jason Isringhausen, I feel that lefty Misch should and will be kept as he’s proven just about all he can at the minor league level and a lefty is needed in this bullpen.

Enough conjecture...I’ll leave that to the media “Mafia’ who, I’m sure can’t wait to get to Miami rather than the colder temperatures in the northeast and Midwest.

I guess we’ll just have to see what happens over this next week or eight days.

Meanwhile how about that? The Mets have just demolished last year’s St. Louis Cardinal rookie of the Year candidate Jaime Garcia by pounding 2 homers among 14 hits over 4 innings while scoring 10 runs off of the lefty in 4 innings. To be fair a Skip Schumaker error in the 4th opened the floodgates for the Mets to score eight runs.

Looking forward to my first visit to Busch Stadium on April 4 as the Redbirds will continue their season opening homestand against Andrew McCutcheon and the Pittsburgh Pirates.


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  1. best under .500 team money can buy also Murph should be optioned to Buffalo for another arm in the bullpen like Izzy


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