March 30, 2011

3 Games Above .500,, I'll Take It...

Spring Training 2011 is over. It's off to Miami for the Season Opener on Friday against the Marlins. Well for most of the Mets although Jason Isringhausen has opted to accept the club's offer to stay in extended camp for 2 weeks as he hopes that he'll be called up to pitch this spring in real games and Johan Santana will also remain in Port St. Lucie to continue hos rehab.

Counting split squad games and the exhibition against the University of Michigan the Mets finish the Grapefruit segment of 2011 with a record of 18-15-2.

If this team as it's constituted now can somehow translate this "success" into a regular season resulting in a total number of wins in the 82 - 84 game range I will be thrilled.

Looking forward to the excitement of Opening Day 2011 and all the hope it brings with it.

LET'S GO METS!!!!!!!

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