March 22, 2011

1st 2 Operations Complete..Rehab begins.

Finally, the Mets have brought in a team of “doctors” that the fan base can have some faith in.

The surgical team of Sandy Alderson, Terry Collins and staff has managed to purge a pair of illness breeding pieces of the organization in the span of just a few days. The outright releases of Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez over the past 4 days has been a cogent breath of fresh air in comparison with the previous regime’s countless excuses offered in defending the huge unfathomable contracts paid to these unproductive, unpopular members of our Blue and Orange.

While we must be forced to heed the information provided by actual “medical experts” regarding the health or relative lack thereof of Johan Santana and Carlos Beltran, the fact that the Alderson regime has taken some proactive action in righting the listing ship that is the Mets franchise is nothing if not positive in the face of previous cover-ups and malapropos which seemed all too prevalent in recent years.

The departure of these 2 “tumors”, while costly financially can only benefit the mental well being of the organization as a whole. As I’ve been saying all spring (and for most of last season for that matter) the mere presence of the overpaid, aging, unproductive Castillo and the obviously incapable overpaid lefty in camp has been and would have continued to be both a distraction and a drain on the club’s coaching/management resources.(Especially for a “Cash Strapped” team, you have to pay somebody to catch all those 80-83 MPH “fastballs” and hit grounders to the creaky backed and step slower infielder)
Not only were these 2 pariahs to the fan base, but the fact that younger more capable players were forced to the sidelines while these “contractual monkeys on the back of the franchise” were given every opportunity and then some to “prove” their worth, taking time away from the development of players like Emaus, Tejada, Luis Hernandez, Danny Murphy, Pat Misch and others. While it may seem trivial, the importance of young players getting the opportunity to play alongside established big leaguers, even in spring training, should never be undervalued.

While this "operation" was a success, the rehab process will be arduous at best as the team will begin a reclamation of sanity and hopefully competitiveness. It will indeed be a tough row to hoe, but a new attitude and feeling of worth should permeate the organization and fan base resulting in what we can hope will be a full recovery and a return to stability if nor prominence. Maybe we can get a Rehab group led by my pal CM to get this program off and running on the road to full recovery.

Here’s to hoping for a more settled balance of training camp and a fresh positive start to the 2011 season for both fans and ballclub alike.

On April 1 in Miami, I believe we’ll see Murph get a symbolic start at second base in recognition of his determination and perseverance in making the ball club which will be followed by rule 5 draftee Brad Emaus getting the bulk of the starts at 2nd in order to justify JP Ricciardi’s recommendation.

As the Mets sit at 13-12-2 for the spring following yesterday’s 4 run ninth, come from behind win against the Braves, Mets fans can finally exhale and start to view the “new regime’ a bit differently while pumping up the “Let’s Go Mets”! Volume...


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