February 2, 2011

Top 50 Mets of All Time..& by Position..

As my friend Ed Marcus @lagranderusty http://twitter.com/#!/lagranderusty has compiled the lists of nearly 100 contributors, including me, to produce his current series on the "Top 50 Mets of all Time" for his Blog Posts http://realdirtymets.com/ I've decided to publish my list.

As many of us ponder and debate the merits of the selections and rankings afforded the top vote getters, quite simply I submitted to Rusty Jr. my list of the 50 Greatest Mets of All time...in alphabetical order... I used several criteria to establish my list with Productivity as Met, Length of Service, Contribution to History and Building of the franchise, overall contributions to the game, Statistics and of course ranking on my list of Favorite Players.

Compiling this list also inspired me to prepare my own
list of Greatest Mets at their respective positions. I provided for the top 4 or five players who in my opinion performed best at their positions as members of the New York Mets during my 47 years of Mets fandom

TOP 50 Mets of ALL TIME (alphabetically)

METS All Time Position Breakdown (Max 5 per)

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