February 4, 2011

My Bad or Another Mets Fail?

Contrary to published information available for over a month the "Spring Training Online" website has updated the reporting date for New York Mets Pitchers and catchers to report to Port St Lucie, Florida for the start of the 2011 Spring Training camp from February 15 to February 16.

While not a huge discrepancy to that information which has been available and reported here for quite some time, I half jokingly wonder if this is actually a change or if it is simply the latest in the Mets long failed history of disseminating information to the media and loyal fan base.

With the current state of uncertainty surrounding the franchise and it's ownership/management, and the lack of forthright public releases of information regarding such, is it really a stretch to suppose this is just that, another failure to keep us informed?

BTW , Is anyone concerned that the Mets $ men are fighting Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Commander, USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E, who never loses . Well actually, Irvving Picard, Trustee for liquidation of Madoffs assets.

So based on this "new' information, its now only 11 days until Mets pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report to Port St. Lucie for the start of Spring Training 2011.

Hoping that this is not another in the line of Mets failed public relations gaffes, I can only say..Come On Baseball and as always:

LET'S Go METS!!!!!!

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