February 7, 2011

FOCUS is Back Where It Belongs!

As much of a New York Giants and NFL football fan as I Am…..IT’S TIME TO FOCUS.

With the completion of the Green Bay Packers victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL’s “Showcase” game known as Super Bowl XLV or 45, I think , although the first 3 were played generically as the AFL – NFL World Championship Games and renamed (and numbered) a few years after their completion. Surely marketing gurus of today have slapped themselves silly over this missed opportunity to cash in. I digress.

Now that football is officially over, although it was over for most New York fans upon the Jets elimination, we can now FULLY FOCUS on the season of hope ahead that is “New York Mets 2011.”

With the published reporting dates for Mets pitchers and catchers just 8 days from now, I eagerly anticipate debating the assignment of roster and rotation spots as the Mets under the auspices of a new regime led by GM Sandy Alderson and field manager Terry Collins.

The enormous number of mainstream media sports types as well as the influx of thousands (millions?) of opinionated online bloggers should ensure that we’ll not miss a single pop of the clove or crack of the bat as the likes of Daniel Murphy and others try to earn/reclaim some semblance of major league respectability in an effort to convince us that they are worthy of being part of the big league club which will gain our admiration, frustration, celebration, disgust and elation while we remain fiercely loyal over the next 8 months which as with the start of every spring training brings eternal hope and optimism.

As an aside I continue to look forward to my pal Ed’s countdown of the “Top 50 Greatest Mets of All Time” in his daily column for the “REAL DIRT METS BLOG” at http://bit.ly/he6U4B.

All that blabbering done let’s take care of our “honeys’ for Valentine’s Day and then get down to the business of FOCUSING on our, or at least my, lifelong love affair with the NEW YORK METS!

Let Our Chant Begin Anew and in Earnest:


P.S. It sure is nice not to include a Fire Omar & Jerry line here!!

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