February 21, 2011

The Baseball is Coming, The Baseball Is Coming

As thoughts of the 1st Spring Training games this weekend start to hit me, I’m beginning to get excited about planning my frequent treks to Busch Stadium here in St. Louis. Now I can wait to get into the daily “Should they or shouldn’t they” pay Number 5, $30 million per year, but I look forward to enjoying the games themselves and the friendships I’ve been fortunate to make with some great folks at the ballpark. I eagerly hope to rekindle the baseball and life in general chats and camaraderie I have with Ira (my good pal in RF), Bud & Gail (a great pair from Homer’s Landing), Tom, Bob, Lisa, Big Mike and Jim among my other friends in the bleachers as well as Karl my buddy from Gate 6, who share my love for baseball and are always happy to be “working” at the ballpark. (Who wouldn’t be?) I share this kinship as most of these folks realize that I’m a Mets fan trapped in Cardinal Nation, which I must admit is not the worst place to enjoy the game I so love. I too am anxious to meet and talk with other fans, mostly Redbird supporters, some knowledgeable some not so much. I truly enjoy getting the opportunity to show a young fan how to keep score or get a “novice’ fan actively involved in watching the game by something so simple as keeping an eye on the pitch count board for me. The sights and sounds of Busch Stadium are far different from those at many MLB parks, from the “Welcome to Baseball Heaven” welcome from PA man John Ulett to the classy presentations of the National Anthem and “God Bless America” before the games to the knowledgeable fans cheering a good play by an opponent to the kindness of seeing a fan and often a player give a foul ball to a kid. What I wouldn’t do to have the type of easy transportation and access I have here in St. Louis at Citi Field in New York. Be that as it may, as I sit here working on getting my tickets for Cardinals games, I realize that I am pretty damn lucky to be here and can’t believe this new adventure of the 2011 MLB season will be here soon.

It must be getting close, I just got the notice and codes for renewing my MLB.TV and Extra Innings packages..

For all the Cardinal faithful and Baseball as we know it, hopefully Albert Pujols will sport the Birds on Bat for the rest of his career and the club will not have to mortgage the future to keep aces Carpenter and Wainwright to stay competitive as is the expected norm here in what I find hard to argue as the “Best Baseball Town in America”

But for now, enough talk of the “Madoff Mess” with the New York Mets and the fuss known here as “Albertageddon” in St. Louis…Looking forward to the weekend and “PLAY BALL”.

Oh and LET’S GO METS!! & Good Luck to “Cardinal Nation 2011

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