January 31, 2011

2 Weeks till Valentines Day & Renewal

Today we sit 2 weeks from Valentine's Day 2011. Coincidentally, Mets pitchers and catchers are set to report to sunny Port Saint Lucie Florida for the start of Spring Training 2011 on Tuesday February 15. Thus marks the 47th renewal of my love affair with the ball club born from the ashes of New York's Giants and Dodgers after they abandoned their beloved fan bases for the riches and warmth of California.

Much intrigue and wonderment surrounds the start of this 3rd season in their new ballpark for the Mets as questions have arisen regarding the financial situation surrounding the Sterling ownership group headed by the Wilpons Father & Son duo who may be forced into paying back much of the earnings they received through the "ill reputed" investments made through "Incarcerated Bernie" Madoff.
As it sits from what I've gathered from news reports and the E mail I received from the Mets ( Lucky Me) , there are numerous and humorous folks interested in becoming "limited" or "minority" owners of the ballclub in conjunction with Sterling.

While the Wilpons have continued to insist they will retain full control over the operation of the Mets and that money was not a cause for the restraints placed upon new Gm Sandy Alderson, I remain sarcastically and cautiously optimistic that a "competitive" group of pitchers and catchers will arrive in Florida with a feeling of love and hope spilling over from their Valentines Day celebrations to be followed shortly thereafter by a bevy of position players full of aspiration and hopeful of bringing excitement and dare I say winning baseball back to those of us who will once again renew our vows for yet another season of New York Mets baseball and the class and excellence we look for and deserve.

Goodbye January ..Hello Hope!

Oh by the way I like the Green Bay Packers to top the Steelers of Pittsburgh in Sunday's Super Bowl ..Let's go with 30-23... Then it'll be all out BASEBALL with a snippet or 2 of NHL mixed in.

As Always :

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