December 3, 2010

The Boss of ME.......

Happy first December weekend of Christmas Season 2010.
Being a relatively normal American I always look forward to the challenge of making our Christmas decorations flashy yet classy every year. That said my wife refused to allow me to put up our outside lights and decorations before Thanksgiving, even though temperatures in Saint Louis hovered around 70 during the prior weekend and the 1st few days of Thanksgiving week. So Be It.

So I focused on my anticipation of attending the Missouri Christmas in St. Louis Parade held on Thanksgiving morning.

Naturally the weather turned cold and wet with drizzle and high temperatures in the low 30's Turkey Day morning, So No Parade for Me. Too cold for the wife to sit through a few hours of displaying pride in Saint Louis. (I don't drive and no bus near me on Holidays) So Be It.

Black Friday was a no go for me as well even though I scored a nice net book and few other items last year. Couldn't convince the wife to get up at 3 AM and hit Wal-Mart with me...So Be It.

Friday afternoon I set about hanging lights and setting up candy cane, trees and lighted figures in front and back of our townhouse while the wife sorted through the already purchased gifts to be sure we missed no one. I thought this was Santa's job. Anyway, after a few hours of up and down on the step ladder and stringing some 2000 lights and setting up the various Christmas themed decorations (Whilst wearing shorts..They don't make One Legged pants & I have little feeling in my left leg LOL) I was ready to test out my "workmanship".

Replacing the outside lights with electric adapters and plugging in the cords ...Wait for it...Voila...Everything worked. Now my wife ventures outside to see if everything is OK. I respond that we're all set to go.

After cleaning up my tools, boxes and assorted scraps of tape and bubble wrap I ventured in the house to begin my daily 10 mile stationary bike workout. After showering we decide to head out for dinner.

I say Ok let’s turn on the lights so we can see them in the dark when we return at which time "The Boss Of Me" informs me that she doesn't want the lights on until December 1 at the earliest.

My usually upbeat and "Merry" heart sank quickly as I presented arguments stating that Christmas shows like Elf and more were already on TV AND she'd already done much of the gift shopping..ALL TO NO AVAIL.

After spending another Football Sunday with my friends Ken and Renee who had their lights up AND were adding more, I returned home (Thanks to my wonderful wife taking me to and picking me up from the train stations) hoping to convince her that we should turn on the lights. No Luck

Now I did cheat a little on Monday November 29th when my wife had to work late and I turned on the candles set up in the upstairs windows... On Tuesday Morning as I made her lunch I eagerly announced that I'd be staying up until midnight so I could turn on the lights on December 1st....

That never came to fruition...I'm old and went to bed after watching Rudolph and How the Grinch Stole Christmas...

My mood and my Holiday Season brightened tremendously late Wednesday afternoon as I hobbled home from my fitness center workout in the dusk, secure in the knowledge that I was now "allowed" to turn on the Christmas lights in their entirety which has only enhanced my Christmas exuberance and my anticipation of our return to NJ to celebrate Christmas with family and loved ones.

All this said HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Dec 15) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (Dec 21) & MERRY CHRISTMAS to "The Boss of Me" whom I Love more everyday (Usually)... AMEN

MERRY CHRISTMAS To All and to All a Good Boss!


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