November 18, 2010

The End, Middle & Hope

Well we have crowned a new champion in MLB, the “Freak” led “Misfits”, Weirdoes” “Beards” and other self named band of players also known as the San Francisco Giants defeated the financially “bankrupt” and morally uplifting darlings of Arlington led by mercenary Cliff Lee, addict and Jesus finder Josh Hamilton and managed by admitted cocaine user Ron Washington, also known as the Texas Rangers in an “entertaining “ World Series that sent the pumpkin clad “God Bless America” fiddler and the McCovey cove faithful into a Halloween/All Saints celebratory frenzy.

Now as Mets fans embraced the firings of Manger Jerry Manual and GM Omar Minaya and the “could see it coming from a mile away” hiring of established cheap skate MLB executive Sandy Alderson as GM, the Mets have deigned it necessary to E-Mail all the details of an “extensive” search to hire the “right” manager to lead the club in to the coming decade. In order to appease a supposed fan groundswell of support, Alderson, the “Wimpons” and de facto Asst Gm John Ricco have purportedly brought in ex-Met and 1986 sparkplug Wally Backman for multiple interviews along with current third base coach Chip Hale along with “good baseball man” Terry Collins and Bob Melvin who seems to fit the profile desired publicly by Alderson as a “good organization soldier” who has proven winning MLB experience (albeit brief).

It appears at least from the publicity spin put on it by the club that all 4 of the candidates have a shot at the field general job while in reality it seems obvious that Melvin will be the choice with the club allowing him to reunite with Hale as his 3B coach (as was the case in Arizona when they teamed to help the D Backs to the NLCS in 2007) and possibly adding Backman as a 1B coach or infield instructor (if he’s not returned to the minor league system for additional managerial seasoning) with Collins probably hired as the bench coach.

While I’d have liked to see the “New” management team seek to actually open the box to look outside it and truly explore outside the organization options such as Ryne Sandberg or John Gibbons and even though Jose Oquendo was given a cursory interview (possibly to meet league diversification rules) I see the scenario above as a “Business As Usual” approach from the Mets hierarchy instead of innovative forward thinking and actions.

At least the NFL has proven to be a nice distraction for myself as I’ve been immersed in my 10 Fantasy football teams and enjoying the Sunday afternoons spent with my pal Ken (& the others who partake in our “fun”) watching all the games with the moaning, groaning, whining, laughing and high jinks associated with the competitive atmosphere that is Fantasy Football and the NFL.

As this NFL season reaches its climax and denouement leading to the playoffs (PLAYOFFS? who said anything about Playoffs?) and the Holiday Season begins in earnest the embers of another Hot Stove baseball season will get stoked and I and many baseball fans will be eagerly anticipating the daily rumors and stories as we wait for what is one of my favorite sports times of year, Pitchers and Catchers reporting…

As Adam Sandler sang "Happy Thanksgiving everybody"...

And As Always we New York Mets Fans will continue to BELIEVE!!

LET’S GO METS!!!!!!!

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