September 2, 2010

Burdensome Mets ..The Gift

A great deal has been written and spouted on sports radio throughout the second half of the 2010 MLB season as to the failures and circus like management of the New York Mets but we must realize that the team has been burdened time and again in numerous manners. The latest road venture began as the New York Mets Professional(termed loosely) Basebal Club embarked on a trip to Atlanta, Georgia in an effort(again loosely termed) to salvage something, anything, in the disaster that has been 2010. Instead the team ventured into Turner Field with a heavy load on their backs that consisted of several things. Among these were Jose Reyes and his re injured oblique strain which has undoubtedly been misdiagnosed by Mets medical personnel as a day to day injury, (he'll miss the entire 4 game Braves series and most likely the Cubs series as well), an unhappy, unproductive right fielder in Jeff Francoeur, who was "promoted" to the clean-up spot in the line-up on what turned out to be his last Mets hurrah, an overpaid, whiny and unusable lefty in Oliver Perez, an obviously slowed, still gun shy star center fielder in Carlos Beltran who proved that he's not yet ready, after his knee surgery, to be the everyday CFer, by failing to "get after" and catch several balls that would have been "cans of corn" for him just a year or 2 earlier and other items too numerous to discuss here. While enjoying the "hospitality offered by the Braves, the Mets were able to unload the rightfielder in a postseason deadline deal to the playoff chasing Texas Rangers, where by the way he joins fellow kicked to the curb Met Alex Cora as " clubhouse buddies". The trade then afforded Mets management the chance to callup rookie 1B/OF Lucas Duda to "see what he can do" over the remainder of the failed 2010 campaign. The heaviest item hauled into Atlanta may have been the gift of shoving the NL East championship down the throat of retiring manager Bobby Cox and his Braves Pity Party entourage. The Mets and we fans can take some solace in knowing that Larry Jones is not an on field participant in this special Braves season as it winds into the post season.

Having dropped the 1st 3 games of the series in Atlanta in almost embarrassing fashion the Mets and their load, though somewhat lightened, will send Johan Santana out hoping to avoid the sweep and Hurricane Earl in the finale on Thursday vs Tim Hudson.

At 65-68 the 4th place Mets have scored 6 runs in 3 games against the Braves and have reduced their ELIMINATION # to 17 as they've helped the Braves open up a 3 game lead in the division by extending Atlanta's current winning streak to 5.

With Francoeur gone and "the kids" here with the "big" club, it's time for an everyday line up that excludes Luis Castillo and if his knee is sound enough, Carlos Beltran in RF with Josh Thole getting 80% of the starts in September behind the plate and Ruben Tejada, Ike Davis, Duda, Angel Pagan (assuming his arm/writ are OK), and Chris Carter getting regular playing time.

The young piotchers, Jon Niese, Jenrry Mejia, Bobby Parnell, Dillon Gee, Pat Misch and not so young RA Dickey, Mike Pelfrey and Santana are the nucleus for the Mets pitching future and must not be "Screwed Around With".

Mets Ownership must simply Fire Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya NOW!!!
Let's rebuild this once PROUD FRANCHISE! START NOW!!


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