August 3, 2010

"TALENT" & 4th Place = Fire Jerry & Omar

As the New York Mets muddle along in 4th place in NL East at 53-53 and continue their less than dreary road existence (20-34) having dropped the 1st of 3 in Atlanta, lets examine the Mets "Major League? Talent Pool.

The Rotation ? Santana, Pelfrey, Niese, Dickey Takahashi The Ace has proven effective enough to have a few more than his 8 wins to date though he's been bombed at least twice, Pelfrey started as a house afire, even gaining mention of a possible all star selection..his 2nd half swoon aided by a plane ride induced "Stiff neck" has proven to be a mediocre #3 or 4 starter on most staffs. He has shown nothing in half #2 and hasn't pitched through the 6th inning since June 25, and coincidentally not won since ..June 25th. Jon Niese has proven tobe a nice middle of the road lefty thus far who, remarkably until his last start was the "stopper" of the staff. It's tough to find a "stopper" on a team with so many ups and downs. Robert ALan Dickey has rejuvenated his MLB career via the floating and dipping of his multi speed knuckleball. Giving the Mets a much needed boost by going 7-4 with a 2.34 ERA thus far Dickey has become a mainstay along with Niese in a year being touted as "Year of the Pitcher" although the Mets seem to have not received the memo. Hisanori Takahashi is a nice long reliever who could and should be best serving the Mets in the bullpen. Enough said.

A Laughable rotation, not quite but darn close. By Baltimore or Arizona standards this would be a pretty good rotation but not for the NEW YORK METS.

K Rod has proven to be the typical MLB closer this season, frustrating often, blown saves, more than a few, but in the overview of MLB closers in 2010, not gosh awful bad. Perpetual Pedro Feliciano has been his usual dependable self, usually. Middle relief in the form of Elmer Dessens and Raul Valdes (and recent returnee Manny Acosta) has been slightly above average and Bobby Parnell has done a nice job since replacing the Warthen/Manuel destroyed Fernanado Nieve.

A Pitching staf worthy of the $$ thrown at Santana and KRod ..hardly but a staff typical of 4th place team going nowhere fast

While Pat Misch continues to shine, I'm sure Mets management will wake up (too late) and add him to the rotation and rush ballyhooed talent Jennry Meijia back from his injury hoping they don't ruin his career.

The position players while oft depicted as stars in a few spots is mediocre at best.

The LFer is supposed to be Jason Bay who's suffered a concussion crashing into the wall on the recent debacle of a west coast trip is now on the DL and hopefully will be allowed to fully recover before the Mets demand he give them more than he delivered in the 1st half for the $$ the pay him. The CFer Carlos Beltran has shown some signs of coming around of late hitting his 1st HR of the year and seems to be running well although he has shown some lack of range or simple rustiness defensively. Due to Bay's injury the RFer is still Jeff Francoeur. French Hitless will play everyday as a far more capable Angel Pagan fills in in LF. Francoeur has proven nothing in 2010 though given more than ample opportunities. 9 HR, 45 RBI is not production, it is Randy Winn with a Good arm. At least Winn hits for average. Fortunately for Angel Pagan and Mets fans has been pressed into duty at all 3 OF spots and has been nothing but outstanding in the field, at the plate and on the bases. The injury to Bay now put him in LF for the foreseeable future. Angel Pagan has been, BY FAR, the Mets MVP for 2010.

The First Baseman Ike Davis has been a tremendous surprise and has quickly become a fan favorite. I Like Ike has provide a solid bat with 15 HR, 53 RBI and has been steady defensively if not spectacular on railing flip foul pop catches. The 2B situation is just that, a situation. Luis Castillo remains the everyday starter often batting 2nd because the manager says the second baseman bats second. He has provided no offense and has been horrible defensively.. Alex Cora, bidding for his vesting option, and Ruben Tejada have provide better defense but neither h its a lick. The SS Jose Reyes after returning from his season opening injury and a couple of strains and pull has been..disappointing for the most part. He strikes out far too often and has provided little of the spark that made him a top 5 NL Ss just a few years ago. The flash is still there, but it seems as the Mets fortunes diminish so has his ebullient nature and desire. David "Ducky" Wright has put up solid if unspectacular numbers with 17 HR, 77 RBi thus far and was voted to the Mid Summer Classic. David has shown much of the excitable nature usually seen from Reyes this year and his nature has appeared to rub off on Davis and some of the other younger Mets thus far. The catcher should be young Josh Thole, everyday, period. While Rod Barajas provided some nice early production his season was skittering into oblivion when he was injured and placed on the DL July 25. Hank White is durable solid backup and should be utilized as such.

A line-up that at some point in the past may have proven formidable, but not today..

I omitted a few names, on purpose. The left handed #46 pitcher should have been DFA'd months ago and Jeff Wilpon and crew should have been forced to actually eat the contract.. Pitcher John Maine although beset by injury and backstabbing from Dan Warthen will probably be given another chance. Utility man Fernando Tatis while now injured should have never been on this Major League roster. Rookie Chris"Animal" Carter's value can not be ascertained as the Manager has not utilized the kid in any measurable manner, keeping him as pinch batter, which often ruins a young player's career. Mike Hessman the 15 year minor league veteran is now and probably should have been the bat off the bench as the Mets mis-management team decided to pay for wasted air taken by Gary Matthews Jr. and Frank Catalanotto. Jesus Feliciano, another veteran minor leaguer is just that a veteran minor leaguer pressed into duty by injury or getting MLB service time as a favor from management.

Not much there other than a 53-53 4th place NL East team with pie in the sky season dreams and promises made yet unfulfilled by management

While this club has "mediocre" talent pool, this still is not a 4th place team, the errors made by field management and the front office hierarchy have been without question the downfall of this once Proud Franchise.. The performance put forth on Sunday following the touching Mets Hall of Fame Induction of former Met Greats Darryl Strawberry, Dwight" Doc" Gooden, manager Davey Johnson and GM Frank Cashen was .....Un Met Like...PUTRID, and is the latest justification for the immediate removal of Jerry Manuel as Field Manager and Omar Minaya as General Manager.



The Mets continue the road trip in Atlanta tonight with RA Dickey facing Derek Lowe.


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