July 23, 2010

Professionalism, Respect & A New Beginning.

If you are reading this you probably know that the Mets have not scored a run in _____teen innings. The unexpected solid pitching, with the exception of Mike Pelfrey's recent starts, has continued to be an extremely pleasant surprise. With the much anticipated return of Carlos Beltran in it's infancy and another Manuel shuffling of the line-up in addition to an expected solid performance once again from Johan Santana, I hereby declare the start of a New and Improved start to the Mets REAL 2010 season beginning tonight in Los Angeles.

With 66 games remaining in the regular season I am issuing the following challenges to the New York Mets so that the organization may once again be recognized as professional Major League Baseball club. As well as showing some respect and appreciation for the undying loyalty shown by millions of faithful fans..
Since Omar Minaya is "Happy with job Jerry Manuel is doing", I guess a management change is not forthcoming and Omar has done little of late to indicate a "major" trade deadline acquisition will be made.

1. Announce and stick to a regular everyday starting 7 line-up. One that most fans and baseball "people" would agree should consist of Jason Bay in LF, Carlos Beltran in RF (until he declares himself 100% ) and Angel Pagan in RF. A n infield that must play everyday in order to become a professional cohesive unit not unlike an NFL Offensive line. Preferably with Ike Davis at 1B, David Wright at 3B Jose Reyes at SS and Luis Castillo at 2B. A minimum of 2 utility infielders is needed as well as a 2 backup outfielders or 1 OF and a "swing IF /OF. A possible combination of Alex Cora, Chris Carter, Jeff Francoeur and even a Nick Evans type player.
2. A normal catching situation with a real starter and a capable back-up , Josh Thole and Either Hank White or Rod Barajas. There is no need, with such an anemic offense to carry 3 catchers.
3. Maintain the current rotation formula while moving Takahashi back to the bullpen and promoting a Dillon Gee or Pat Misch to fill in the gaps.

As we head into the New Season the Mets will look to pick up a couple, dare I say 3 wins as the team's final west coast trip concludes.

A season wrap-up winning 38 of their remaining games would put the Mets in a more competitive position in the wild card race with 87 wins.
38-28 is not an unreasonable expectation.


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