July 19, 2010

49-43 - Umps & K Rod Again WTF?- We'll Take It!

After Sunday's fortunate denial of a Giants 4 game sweep in a 4-3 10 inning win, the Mets reach Game # 93 at 49-43 5 games back of the Atlanta Braves heading into a 3 game series against lowly Arizona in which a 2 of 3 games series win is mandatory.

Johan Santana threw 113 pitches working himself out of sveral jams over 8 solid innings on Sunday and left the game leading 1-0, allowing Jerry Manuel to remove him placing the game into the hands of "Elite"' closer Frankie Rodriguez and ultimately the continued ridiculously"putrid' actions of MLB's staff of "professional" arbiters.

Sunday saw more incompetent officiating by MLB umpires, who once again needed to become the 'show" as home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi whipped off his mask to "challenge" a "bitchy K-Rod in the 9th and then inexplicably called Travis Ishikawa out at home with what would have been the winning run. Not to be outdone, 3B umpire Mike Esterbrook intervened on a play following the play at the plate, by overruling Cuzzi on an obviously fair ball hit by Aubry Huff saying it had struck the batter and thus was foul, extending the at bat after the Mets had retired Huff on the original catcher to 1B play. Luckily K-Rod induced Huff into a groundout to first.

Once again rookie first baseman Ike Davis came through with the key hit( 1 of his 3 hits), a game winning double to right in the 10th which scored Jason Bay (3 hits) allowing the Mets to "escape' the bay area with a mild semblance of respectability.

After seeing K Rod implode once again with his 6th blown save of the year, which eventually became his 3rd win, Manuel again proved his complete and utter incompetence first by allowing Rodriguez to start the 10th inning after he'd already blown the win for Santana and throw over 30 pitches in the 9th, by ordering an intentional walk to put the winning run on base in the 10th inning with the Mets holding a precarious 1 run lead.

While yesterday's was a cluster of a victory, we Mets fans will take it and continue to stay up late as the Mets continue this 11 game west coast trip.

With yesterday's workmanlike winning pitching effort of Johan Santana having been thrown to the curb by the ineffective "relief" of Francisco Rodriguez, Mike Pelfrey takes the ball for the Mets and their "manager" backed purportedly by the return of Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran to the line-up.

The 2010 New York Mets season and it's manager can thus far be summed up as WTF?

Let's Go Mets !

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