July 4, 2010

K-Rod's Days as "PREMIER" Closer are OVER !

Francisco Rodriguez arrived in NYC with much pomp and promise. While he has been able to convert 54 save opportunities over the past 2 seasons in NY, K Rod blew 7 saves and lost 6 games last season, while 1 can be attributed to the "Castillo Pop Drop" K Rod was "responsible" for "screwing up" 1/6 of the games in which a save opportunity existed. While .400 is outstanding for an offensive player , for a "Premier" MLB closer, its UNACCEPTABLE. Thus far in 2010 K Rod has not only tested the ulcer immunities and cuticle development of Mets fans, he has already been charged with 4 blown saves and 2 losses in 23 chances. This plays out even even worse when the fact that he has been given a lead of more than 1 run on 14 occasions is considered. The 2 wins he has recorded are also the result of blown saves.

Stats are the bread and butter of MLB Prima Donnas, especially Closers. While K Rods overall numbers are not the worst in MLB, his Laissez-faire attitude when questioned about making his save opportunities closer than they should be is troubling. " I know I cause some people to maybe have heart attack, but I don't care."

While his career overall numbers are quite good, his recent history indicates that those days in his rear view mirror. Unless he's able to jump start his performance in the 2nd half this year, the Mets had better start looking elsewhere to lock down wins if they plan on staying in the NL East race.

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