June 10, 2010

As the New York Mets host a Day/Night double dip this fine Thursday in June, I was able to install the ChatRoll Live Game Chat on this site. This will hopefully add to the enjoyment of my fellow Mets fans around the globe..

All are welcome to join this sometimes "lively" discussion..All I ask is that the language be relatively tame and that if you have no interest in talking about the game or the Mets in General "Take it Elswhere"

You can sign in as a Guest or join the Chat with your image included by simply clicking on the Chatroll logo and sign up to open a FREE ChatRoll account in which you can manage your profile with image/nickname etc..

That should be that..

I'll be "poolside" most of the day and will leave the chat up for both games.

Lets go Messrs. Santana & Niese ...oh and by the way Jerry please don't mess the bullpen up too badly, we gotta go to Baltimore.

Lets Go Mets Go !!!!!!!!!!!

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